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Practise your French!!

The BBC offers a very useful website on all aspects of learning French. (Click here)
As well as giving you opportunities to refresh your French grammar using quizzes and French TV, there are also reports you can listen to which will ultimately aim to give you the best training in the language.

In one newspaper, it was reported that the French need to 'cheer up' a bit more and to be less miserable.  I was surprised to hear this.  It said in the article that in a country which is considered the world's top holiday destination and enjoying a quality of life envied by so many, you'd think otherwise but apparently there is so much pessimism  amongst the people.  According to a survey only 37% of the French actually like President Sarkozy.   His partner Carla Bruni has stated that the French are always 'negative', she added that ''they also are crazy about their own language, so every time there's something that's not in French, they get so mad about …