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La France - je reviens!!!

A visit to my beloved France is long overdue. I am happy to announce I am going to visit Rennes this summer 2015. I first contemplated going to Bordeaux for a week to do a refresher intensive summer course. However after much um-ing and ahh-ing I have decided to spend 5 days in Rennes to get my head showered at least. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and I love being a mum. But, being in France is the only way I can feel , whole , and complete again! Does that sound familiar? It's hard to explain, but the anticipation of going to somewhere fantastic like this fills me with excitement.
I left a part of me in Strasbourg all those years ago...the longing never ceased for me...I am happy . Flights are booked , and I have my eye on an apart-hotel..near the old town.

Updates to follow.