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Paris, I miss you....

C'etait la reve la plus importante a moi!  Quoi?   Un sejour a Paris!

From the 14th to 17th March my partner and I went to Paris for a little break..
We booked a nice, cosy little hotel in central Paris, just south of the Montmartre region.
When we got there, the airport bus left us off at Gare du Nord.  From there we managed to flag down a taxi to take us to our hotel.  The taxi driver gave me my first 'your French is excellent' compliment!!  I was so happy but not quite convinced.

Here is what we did:

Night 1 (not long after arrival):
Dined in a typical little Parisian restaurant, off the Rue Lafayette. We headed back to the hotel,as we'd been travelling all day, early night and recharge batteries for the following day.

Day 2We headed straight for the Eiffel Tower - leaving the hotel at 8.30 am. I was so excited!!  The weather was nice.   We walked along the Champ de Mars - I didn't recall the Tower being so small before!  But there were renovations being carried ou…