Mais non!

Change of plan - my intention to continue on studying French has been interrupted by the realisation that my current responsibilities/commitments come first with regards to my family and career - so,  I have decided to put this plan on hold for the time being.   I am disappointed but I know timing is everything, I am studying 2000% for my other language and doing very well in it, getting A's straight through....

This is not goodbye French, hello strange world. Rather it is hello to a fresh start and I hope readers will wish me luck in my endeavours!

'Surveillez cet espace!'


  1. What other language are you doing?

    Lainy (from RISI)

  2. HI Lainy thanks for the warm welcome !!
    I am doing Latin. Did it at a basic level at high school many years ago, but decided to learn it properly this time.


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