Mes etudes continuent.....

I took part in a couple of swaps recently ( and received some more lovely postcards of my favourite place - France!!

A big thank you to Catherine Sebillet and Jetske for sending me these!

Now for even more exciting news...

Well, it seems like I will be doing my advanced French course/module with the Open University after all.

These are my books that I have purchased for the course:

The dictionary weighs a tonne (almost).  The Mot a Mot is a very good compiled guide of idioms and useful sayings that any essay writer would benefit greatly from.    As a former student in the 1990's I still also have my old university textbooks and the absolutely essential 'Robert Micro' dictionary.  These are all my revision tools - can I brush up before Feb 2012?   I will strive to do it.

  Wish me luck!!!



  1. Good luck. Is it a book and postcard swap site?



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