Rennes was SO cool!!

Sincere apologies for my long absence...I had promised to provide updates on my trip to Rennes - I am so sorry it has taken me this long. I visited Rennes in July 2015. I had not long recovered from cancer and my husband was kind and understanding enough to realise this was what I needed to experience once more what I truly love - GOING TO FRANCE!

I visited Rennes over several first thought on descending the plane was that ''I wish I had packed welly boots'' as it had been raining before the plane landed! I had no other footwear other than sandals for the trip - due to previous trips to France - I predicted that the weather would be nice.

My visit was a really interesting one. I stayed in a hotel in the Old Town part of Rennes. a perfectly centrally located base for doing all my exploring....

I took many photos during my stay - here are some of them:

A park in Rennes

Lovely Mont St Michel (Abbey on the Water), Brittany

Mont St Michel in the distance

Getting closer to Mont St Michel

Hotel de Ville, Rennes

View of Mont St Michel/North west coast of France from the air

An old castle in Nantes - I took a train there

My penpal Sophie, her sons and good friend - met them in Nantes

View of Rennes street from my hotel

A park in Rennes



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