I have always loved France, the French language and all things to do with this very interesting culture.  In fact I think I was French in a previous life......I was in the French Riviera about 5 years ago.  I had booked to go there with a close friend of mine Xiao Jo a good two months in advance , however my luck wasn't to be, two days before we were due to go we realised her passport was invalid.   Darn it!    I felt bad for her but at the same time told myself I wasn't gonna waste this opportunity of a great holiday so I ended up going myself - me being an established jet-setter, it wasn't that hard to do .

Panoramic view of the ' old town' of Nice

Monaco harbour

        Nice Marina     

   View over Eze village

 Rules for entering the Monte Carlo Presigious casino

 Huge tank at Fragonard perfume factory
in Eze -  a guided group tour of the factory   

I remember this tour well - we all travelled to Eze by mini bus (4 Americans, 2 Indians and myself) and were shown around the factory at the end of which you had the option to purchase really nice but expensive perfume/soaps!
*          *
Hotel Du Centre was where I stayed in. For a 2 star hotel, the room was of a very high standard and in pristine condition.    I am still waiting for the day when I can go back there! 
The manager was very nice and even gave me a palm reading!


  1. Tu n´as jamais visitée autres places à la France? C´est une dommage parsqu´e autre places avec des villes petites sont plus belles, je n´aime pas des grandes villes moi. La mer est ma passion et par example Saînt Malô est une place où je voudrais habiter!


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