Some old photos from the past....(my very first visit to France)

We were in Paris in 1994 (night view of the Arc De Triomphe)

Fountains at Versailles Palace, Paris -1994

View of Versailles Gardens, Paris - 1994

Inside of Versailles Palace, Paris - 1994

View from the top of the Grande Arche de la Defense

1994 was the year in which my sister and I visited Paris for the very first time.
We stayed for 2 weeks, and on the final day of our holiday we saw the final leg of the Tour de France
on the Ave. Champs-Elysees.
In total to date I have visited Paris 6 times.   Who can resist this beautiful capital of the nicest & friendliest country in the world?


  1. J´ai aussi beaucoup de photos de mon voyage à France mon amie! Moi j´aime Bretagne et Normandie et la mer!


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