Strasbourg me manque beaucoup.

I do miss France a lot. In fact I dream of the day I will go's hard to explain in words but I feel 'whole' as a person when I'm there.   My boyfriend cannot understand for the life of me , my fascination with France (and I'm sure a lot of readers will be able to identify with me).         My experience as a student in Strasbourg left a long lasting impression on me. I had stayed in this wonderful city for 11 months during the 3rd year of my French degree course in 1996. I am forever grateful for my experience  -  I totally fell in love with the town and felt deep sadness when the time had come to leave.

Je me demandais toujours ou mes amis coreens que je connaissais a Strasbourg sont maintenant.....mon meilleur ami Eun Jin, dont le parfum prefere etait Jean Paul Gaultier Classique...qui a toujours parle de son futur mari.....!  Quels souvenirs!!      Quand je pense a ces souvenirs, il me rendent optimiste pour l'avenir parce que je sais bon temps reviendra!


  1. Ma rêve est habiter à une petite maison à la mer en Bretagne!


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