Down memory lane? Sentimental thoughts.

Ernest Hemingway once wrote  '' If you are lucky to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a movable feast''.   I can identify with these words without a doubt,  although my 'Paris' was Strasbourg at the time...this city left such an incredible impression on me....with the regional Tarte Flambee meals that I had with my fellow students to the 'Palais Universitaire' where I was lucky enough to be enrolled for 10 months.
My fellow Korean students always met with me near the student halls of residence where they stayed in. (okay sorry I know this is supposed to be French related but most of my friends just happened to be Korean).   This corner cafe that we frequented had a very cute decorated 'wall of art' that was written/drawn on by people/vistors from all walks of life.  Eun Jin was my best friend, she used to ramble on about wanting to find the perfect spouse and get married and settle down.  She was only 23 then but the eldest of our group of friends. Then there was Soo Young, who really did look very young. She had long jet black hair.   Hyun Chung was a sweet friend - everytime I saw her she was either painting her nails or giving me hugs.  Then there was Bo-ryeong , I became more friendly with her 2 to 3 months before the end of the course and our friendships together.  She had agreed to meet up with my long term penpal in South Korea to pass a present onto her from me after leaving France for Korea.

It's ironic , because I went to France to learn French, then ended up forming a bond and longlasting friendships with such great girls from another side of the world....what did it all mean?  Perhaps it was an experience to reinforce my belief that France really is indeed such a special place. No matter which  part I went to I always felt welcomed.     I do tend to hope...can I go to Paris soon?


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