Monte Carlo or bust!

Did anybody see this three part series/travelogue that was shown on British TV recently?  I wish the broadcasters would show more programmes like this because it certainly whetted my appetite to travel to France again!   It involved 3 pairs of celebrity couples who left England to go to Monte Carlo....and each pair had to compete and bring back objects related to 'head , hand and stomach' from each of the regions in France they passed through.  Having been to Monte Carlo myself, I thoroughly enjoyed this show and it even made me laugh at times!


  1. Moi je voudrais habiter à Brest ou pas beacoup de touristes arrive et je trouve que Bretagne et le Normandie sont les places vrais. Je n´aime pas de baigner et être à la plage toute le temps. Tu droit écrir au Francais ici aussi je pense!


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